Year and a Day Journal #35: May 13th, 2016


First of all, I’d like to start this journal by giving another shout-out to cutewitch772 for doing a very difficult video in which she explained why her Patreon is so important and how her subscribers could support her entirely if only 13% of them donated a dollar a month.  Having talked to her personally and received individual advice from her (sometimes advice lasting several hours), I can say that she offers a LOT to the Pagan community and what she does is certainly worth $12 a year.  When I get home and start getting paid in United States dollars, I’m going to sign up to be one of her patrons, especially since it was one of her videos that introduced me to this path in the first place.  I mean, I would spend $12 on popcorn and pop at a movie theater, so I’m pretty sure that I could help support one of the very small handful of people who knows me personally and supports me on this path.

Anyway, I was inspired by one of her videos recently to do a journal entry on grounding.  This process is a way to connect to the Earth’s energy before doing a ritual or a spell, in the effort to not use so much of your own energy.  The Earth has so much usable and renewable energy, which we can take part in for our Craft.

Cutewitch772 shared a bit about how she visualizes for grounding, and I’ve heard a few different ways, but it’s interesting to see that many people seem to change the way they ground over the course of their practice.  In which case, I thought it would be interesting to document my current method now and look back at it in the future.

So, today’s prompt (again by me): Do you use grounding?  When do you ground?  Which method do you utilize/how do you do it? 

[The upside to making my own journal prompts is that I can, frankly, make them say whatever I want.  The downside is that I can make them say whatever I want, and where’s the challenge in that?  Somebody find me a book of prompts….]

I would say that, for me, grounding is a relatively new thing.  I’ve definitely tried to cast spells before without grounding first, and I’ve reaped the real consequences from it.  Just a few months ago, before I really knew much about grounding, I did a health spell for myself and I don’t think I grounded very effectively beforehand.  The next day I got up with a major migraine, possibly unrelated but seemingly too strange to be just a coincidence.  It seemed like a “magickal hangover,” something I had heard of from the Internet (but couldn’t find any remedies for when I was looking the next day).

As for my method of grounding now, I discovered it by literally going to YouTube and putting in something along the lines of “grounding meditation.”  Not surprisingly, there were several relatively short guided meditations that came up, and I found one that I liked and listened to it as I was lying in bed before going to sleep.  Not only was it an effective way to relax before bed, but it helped me finally get a good idea of how to visualize the process of grounding.  The smooth-voiced man in the guided meditation described feeling like you are a plant, reaching roots into the Earth, sprouting down farther and farther until you reach the core of the planet.  He described allowing yourself to feel rooted to the core of the Earth, and using this connection to help you get rid of the negative energy in your body.  When you feel firmly planted, you can allow the energy of the Earth to spill into you and begin to overflow from the top, allowing you to reach through space into the sky, pulling in the energy of the air around you.

Now, I really like this meditation, because I think there is something to be said for having your bottom firmly rooted and the top kind of free, like the air.  However, I also really liked what cutewitch772 mentioned, which was connecting the top all the way to the sun, so you have two hot anchors holding all the cold tendons between them.  I haven’t really put this one into practice yet, so I can’t vouch for its effectiveness for me, but I think the idea makes a lot of sense.  Probably the most difficult part for me is that where I live, the sun is never above me (always somewhat south…and/or on the other side of the planet) so I have a feeling I’ll have some difficulty visualizing a tall connection between me and the sun.  I feel like it would throw me off to feel like I’m reaching off to the side somewhere.  Maybe it’s a meditation I would best leave for midday.

In any case, I don’t have a lot of complicated things to say about grounding, but I just wanted to make note of what I do as part of this important process.

I hope everyone is having a fine spring.

Blessed be!





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