Year and a Day Journal #30: March 27th, 2016

I’m just sitting here typing in the dark because the circuitry in these old apartments is kind of messed up, and my roommate and I have had to replace just about every light bulb in our apartment.  When mine went out sometime last week, I just kind of decided to embrace the darkness for awhile.  Soon we’ll be getting into the summer pattern of light anyway, with the sun setting later and later, so it won’t be too much of an issue anyhow.

This journal is going to be inspired by the Pagan Perspective, which is a talented collaboration of Pagan/Neo-pagan individuals on YouTube.  One of their recent topics was “Who is your Witch crush?” which was supposed to be discussing those people, fictional or real, who have inspired us (or who we want to be like) in our journey.  So, without further ado–Who is your Witch crush?

I would say that since I haven’t been looking into this path for a very long time, my Witch crushes are going to be pretty simple, and many of them fictional, of course.  I shall construct a list to facilitate the organization of my choices.  They are, however, in no particular order.

  1. Hermione Granger – yes, they can be witches in the lowercase “w” sense.  Hermione is an obvious choice because she is a badass witch who really taught readers of Harry Potter that they could be brainy girls and save the day.  She’s no damsel in distress but she also really understands the laws of magic and how to use her magic for important reasons.  She’s an advocate for those with less power and she’s a strong character with a lot of ambition, and yet, she is a consistently empathetic character with a humble heart.  She is my idol, really.
  2. Alice (from Alice and Greta) – this is a pink, frilly witch who is the opposite to the acid green, spikey witch Greta.  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with green, but pink was my favorite color as a kid anyway.  Alice and Greta taught me that “Whatever you chant, whatever you brew, sooner or later comes back to you,” which, as a kid, meant that you should do nice things instead of get into mischief.  Now that I read it with a new Witchy context, however, I realize that this book actually talks a lot about karma or even possibly the Rule of Three, which is kind of a cool thing to get in a children’s book.  I also loved the illustrations in this book, and the pink-loving Alice was like #fashiongoals.
  3. Merlin (from BBC’s Merlin) – of course, Merlin as a character and legend goes far beyond the series done by the BBC, but I really enjoy the portrayal done by Colin Morgan in the television series, and he really is a Witch crush, despite never being called a witch in the series (always a warlock or a sorcerer).  Merlin is a Witch crush for me not only because he is adorable (he’s like Benedict Cumberbatch but ten years younger), but because he really has strong loyalty, humility, and a sense of morality.  Gaius teaches him only to use magic for important, good reasons, and Merlin, while being a flawed character, is constantly standing up for good use of magic versus evil use of magic.  I also love how Merlin is connected with the “old religion/old ways,” which is a pathway tied intrinsically with the earth.  The fact that magic and the earth are so tied together is something that I think is not lost on this series, and that’s a refreshing thing.
  4. Cara Mia (cutewitch772) – getting into the real people now!  Cara is probably sick of me mentioning her on this blog, but she knows that she was the one who ultimately inspired me to look more into this path when I came across her YouTube channel, so I really do owe her a lot.  Since I started watching her videos, I’ve realized that we have very similar ideas, which is something valuable that shouldn’t be dismissed.  Moreover, she’s always willing to help people out and give her input or advice.  If you don’t watch her stuff on YouTube, head on over to her channel or watch the Pagan Perspective.
  5. My pagan friends/acquaintances – although I don’t have many, I do know a few people who have also chosen this path.  I have to say that even if I don’t agree with all of them or want to follow their exact paths, it is a brave and noble endeavor to openly follow what they do.  I hope that someday I can also be open with this path.

I’m sure that as I get more literature under my belt and get to know more people in the pagan community, I’ll be able to expand on this list.  For now it’s just the little thing that I thought I’d take some time to answer.  Thanks to the Pagan Perspective for publicizing this question.

Blessed be!





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