Year and a Day Journal #25: March 3rd, 2016

Today I had only one student show up for one of my classes, so we spent about half of the time playing a knock-off version of the game Battleship.  Every time I got a “hit” on her board, I got to ask her a question, and every time she got a “hit” on my board, she got to ask me a question.  It’s a great tactic for teachers to get their students to talk while still having a pretty risk-free environment (unless, of course, you’re playing Risk).  On a combination of sheer luck and good strategy I pretty quickly got to the point where she had just discovered my third boat and I had almost sunk her fourth.  After sinking her fourth, I said, “Don’t worry, all you’ve got left is the little one, so I won’t be able to find it right away.”  I guessed two more spots and got a hit on the second time.

In response, she incredulously asked me, “You is witch?”

I mean, you can’t make that stuff up.  I laughed my head off and said, “No, no…” but on her next turn when she finished off my third boat, she got to ask me one more question.  Most of our questions had been along the lines of, “What’s your favorite band?” or “How long have you been playing guitar?” but hers was, “How old are you, witch?”

I said, “Five-hundred.  I look very, very good.”

There’s really no moral to that story or anything, I just thought it was pretty hilarious that my individual student accused me of witchcraft.  I mean, she’s not wrong.

Anyway, today’s journal is to Discuss Goal of the Witch #9: Attune with the cycles of the Earth. 

Before I started looking into this path, I noticed the cycles of the Earth, specifically the seasons, but I wasn’t really into them in the way that you might expect.  I loved summer, probably because I like warmth and my birthday, and I despised fall and winter, because fall meant school and obligations and an inevitable winter, which I hated too.  I would actually find myself getting depressed when I saw the first leaves changing color on the trees.  While this lessened a bit as I got older, and especially after I graduated high school and started going to college (and realized that the school year of college was WAY better than my crappy summer job doing fast food), I still don’t exactly LOVE winter.  However, I would say that my feelings towards all of the seasons have gotten far more complex, and, dare I say it, there are positives and negatives to all of them.

I think the best thing I could have done is to start attuning myself to the cycles of the Earth, which I began to focus on as I started studying this path.  By paying attention to the moon cycles, the sabbats, and even daily associations, I suddenly find myself appreciating every day as more beautiful.  I’ve started to see the way that the snow is just covering the green grass.  Living where I do currently, where there is a crazy small amount of sunshine in the winter, celebrating Yule as the winter solstice was actually refreshing and hope-inspiring, because in the darkness of winter I appreciated that the cycle was now moving again toward Midsummer, slowly but surely.  Because I had actually learned to pay attention to the way the seasons were changing, I stopped feeling lost and depressed during winter, but instead found the value of the coldness and the beauty of the frost.

This was a short little journal, but to me attuning to the cycles of the Earth is one of the more prominent things that has come forth from my study.  I know I have much more to learn, but I’m definitely enjoying seeing each season for what it is now, instead of just living for the summer because it meant I got time off from school.

Blessed be!







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