Year and a Day Journal #23: March 1st, 2016

I know that I’ve been absent for about…er, a long time now.  There’s no excuse!  Except I have lots of excuses.  For example, my country had some holidays so everybody and their kids had about three days off in a row, and on one of the days, my friends and I went to this old town and basically just lived life to the fullest for a day.  We ate good food, rolled around in the snow, saw historic sites, ate more food, rolled around in the snow a little more, and generally had a great time.

Generally, I’ve just not been able to wrap my head around the next journal entry I need to do.  I’m still slowly making my way through the Goals of a Witch.  There are other things I want to write about, of course, but this one’s taking the primary importance for now.

So, here’s for today–Discuss Goal of the Witch #7: Keep your thoughts in good order. 

This one shares a lot more than just extremely similar wording with the last Goal of the Witch.  Like I discussed in my last Year and a Day entry, the idea of “keeping your words in good order” has a lot of purposes, some of them magickal.  I mentioned that lying, saying mean things, or cursing people are all ways in which our words can become less respectable, and quite possibly less effective.  I think the same goes with our thoughts, which (ideally!) are the precursor to our words.  Honestly, I would think that it would be extremely difficult to keep your words in order unless you first have your thoughts that way.  If you have bad feelings toward someone, the chances of setting your intention against them are pretty high, and you always have to be careful about what kind of energy you’re sending out to the world.  If you want to “harm none,” I would say it’s best to start with your attitude and work from there.

Time for an anecdote to bring in my other reasons to keep your thoughts in order.

I once painted my own version of a motivational poster that said, “I am in charge of how I feel, and today I am choosing happiness.”  I kept in on my bedside table in college.  One day my brother saw it, and he laughed at it.  “Really, you want to feel happy all the time?  What’s wrong with the other emotions?”  Of course I said it was the principle of the thing.  I’ve always tried to be as positive as possible in my life.  If something goes badly, I do my best to laugh it off or look at the bright side.  I mean, it’s not always easy, especially depending on my cycle and whatnot (hormonally-offset emotions are like, no joke, man).  Just today I got really pissed at my roommate because I felt sad about the prospect of leaving the friends I’ve made here and going home to America.  He kept saying that if I really cared, I’d stay in touch and whatnot….  I finally said, “Sometimes you have to just let us feel stuff and stop trying to counteract what we’re saying!” or something to that degree.  I just wanted to feel sad about the fact that I won’t see my friends, and I didn’t want him to keep saying, “Oh, you’ll see, it’ll be fine.”  (Side note: this is one of many reasons why I miss my boyfriend back home.  He is absurdly good at handling females, especially me.)


Of course, I’ve been very lucky all my life to have the kind of brain chemistry that allows me to be a fairly happy person.  I recognize that for some people, waking up in the morning and choosing to be happy is just not an option.  I know that depression or mental illness looks very different for many people, but I admit to sometimes being that person who secretly sees someone being a “Debbie downer” and thinks, Come on, you’re not even trying to have a good time.  I realize this is insensitive and comes from my privilege of never having been clinically depressed.  Have I had times of my life that absolutely sucked for one reason or another?  Sure.  But I was never not able to convince myself to have fun, and that’s something that isn’t attainable for some people at the moment.

That being said, I am still a sucker for motivational posters.  If you don’t struggle with depression (or even if you do), I think that there are some things you can do to keep as much positivity in your life as possible.  Setting goals can be very helpful.  Being mindful, doing meditation, and thinking things through can help to organize chaos in your mind.  Our minds do a lot of work–they never seem to power down–and your brain handles every action you do, not to mention the planning before the action and processing the outcome after the action.  Sometimes you have to take whatever strain off your mind that you can.

Anyway, I’m sorry that it took me so long to write this one.  It was very important to me to fix it up (I’ve had a draft sitting here for a few days, but I didn’t like it).  Besides, everybody needs a little mental break once in awhile.

It helps keep the thoughts in good order.

Blessed be!








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