Killing the Planet

This is not one of the Year and a Day Journals, though it actually has something to do with entry #12, which I should be writing.  Entry #12 is about the earth, but in order to write it, I’m supposed to go somewhere where earth is, like, abundant.  Which, I guess I could say that earth is everywhere, but I think I’m supposed to go find a forest.  So…I suppose I have to go find a forest.  But not at this time of night.

Moreover, finding a forest seems really hard these days.  I mean, I’m probably exaggerating a bit, because I’m actually located in a fairly wooded suburban area, with lots of trees integrated into the layout of the town, and not far from here, there is a meadowy area with some space and a few trees, and I mean, generally when people think of the country that I’m located in, they think lots of space and nature.  So I guess that it’s not so hard to find a forest.  But in some ways, it is.  We’re cutting down trees, we’re messing with our planet, possibly irreversibly.

Even worse, sometimes it can be really, really hard to prevent destruction, even from your own actions.  For example, the town I live in does not offer recycling.  Yes, you heard me right–there is no recycling service in this town.  I don’t even think there is a major recycling service in this country.  The only time I’ve heard of recycling is one day per month, in a two-hour window that is nearly impossible to achieve and even harder to do without a car or some motorized vehicle in which to lug your recyclables.  So everything–everything–goes into the trash.

What is a Witch to do?

I try to be good to the environment, I really do.  I try to use glass bottles when I can, and I really try to limit the amount of plastic I use on a daily basis.  Sometimes, though, it’s unavoidable.  How can I live with killing the earth that gives us life?  What can I do to feel like I’m not a detriment to this gorgeous planet, when I live in a country that doesn’t seem to have programs to help it?

This time, I’ve got nothing, really.  I can just keep doing the little things they teach you to do to help conserve resources, like turning off the water when I’m brushing your teeth (my roommate doesn’t, and he is the first human being I’ve met who just lets the water run for ages, and even walks away from it while it’s just running into the drain).  I can keep my glass jars as tealight holders and I can use reusable cups instead of disposable ones at the work water fountain, and I can limit the amount of gas I use on the stove, but…is it enough?

I love the earth, obviously.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be interested in a nature-based path.  But how can I reconcile that as a human being, I’m the worst thing that has ever happened to the planet?

Just thinking out loud (er…in type…)

That’s all I got.

Blessed be!



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