Year and a Day Journal #2: November 2nd, 2015

Okay, so I’m not really posting this on November 2nd.  Time gets away from me, as it does us all.  However, I’m going to try to catch up!

So the prompt for today is: Who are you and why are you on this path?

This is tricky.

I’m a 22-year-old cisgender straight white female with a Bachelor’s degree.  So, I’m pretty lucky.  The only way that society can doubt my privilege is because I’m a woman.  Other than that, everything has really fallen into my lap.

I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend.  I’m part of the middle class.  I’m a teacher.  I’ve been a retail worker, a library worker, a cafeteria worker, a fast food worker, and a camp counselor.  I’m not super political, but I usually vote on the liberal side.  I try to be tolerant of all people’s experiences, as long as they’re not hurting others.  I identify/identified as Roman Catholic (as you all know, my religion is really up in the air right now).  Technically I am a confirmed member of the Catholic Church, even if my beliefs are on the fence.

I would say that my feet have wandered toward this path for a variety of reasons.  It seems welcoming, like a great community that accepts anyone as a member.  It’s tolerant (even celebratory) of same-sex relationships/marriage (and the LGBTQ community in general), other religions, and of many different mindsets.  I can appreciate a community that doesn’t judge a book by its cover.

Additionally, I got tired of the Christian idea that every victory we achieve in life must be given up to God.  I can accept that the universe helps me, and that I am only where I am because of some cosmic chance, but when I graduated from high school and my parents wanted me to go to the Baccalaureate celebration, where we had to give all the glory to God for being where we were, that just didn’t sit right with me.  It seemed like I put way too much personal effort and sacrifice into being where I was to say, “Oh yeah, none of that was really me.”  What I like about the path of Witchcraft is that Witches take quite a lot into their own hands, and they consider themselves responsible for their own morals and their own actions.  That’s refreshing in a world that blames others or gives all glory to a higher power.  Of course, I know Witches tend to have a spiritual connection with nature and the universe, and there may be offerings involved and/or some gratitude shown the universe, but this seems different than saying, “Well, none of it was me.”

The first videos I watched on YouTube about this path were put out by a woman not much older than I am, and her ideas really inspired me to keep researching this path.  I’ve purchased some books and read quite a bit, studied some practices like Tarot, and gotten the opportunity to meditate on this path.  I’m definitely excited to keep doing research as time goes on.



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